Ten Important Facts You Need to Know About Amended Tax Returns

Many citizens of the United States have a great deal of trepidation if they fear they have
made a mistake when filing their annual tax returns. However, there are several things to keep in mind if this is the case; let us look at ten facts that you will need to know in order to mitigate the chances of this occurring and the effects that an incorrect form may have.


This is the correct form to file if you know that you have made errors on a previous return. However, note that this form needs to be completed on paper; you cannot send an electronic version through to the IRS:

Common Errors

You will need to use 1040X if you have made some common errors. These will include credits, deductions, your reported income or your filing status. As these errors are quite frequent, the IRS has given some leeway by providing form 1040x.

Math Errors?

If you have made a mistake in your arithmetic, you will normally not need to file a return. They will compensate for any miscalculations. Similarly, you will not need to file a 1040X is you have forgotten to attach necessary paperwork (such as a W-2). The IRS will request a copy from you as is necessary.

Time Frames

In most circumstances, you will have three years to rectify any changes that need to be made. It can be filed within two years from when you paid the original tax. For this season, this signifies that a 2010 correction can be submitted no later than April 15th. There may be special rules applied to certain claims to note on form 1040X.

Multiple Returns

You will need to file separate 1040X forms for each year in this case. Mail each in an individual envelope and clearly mark the year of the return on top of each form. You will need to refer to the instructions to determine where the returns will need to be mailed.

Other Schedules or Forms

In this case, all other modified forms or schedules need to be physically attached to the 1040X to ensure correct filing.

Refund Questions

You may be due a refund from an original return. You will need to wait until you receive any remuneration BEFORE filing your 1040X. Note that any changed returns may indeed take up to 12 weeks to fully process. Until this time, you can spend your original refund without worrying about any penalization’s from the IRS.

Tax Owed

Obviously, you should pay any additional tax as soon as possible after the 1040X form is filed.

Tracking Your Status

You can view the progress of your amendments by the “Where’s My amended Return?” function on the irs.gov website. You can also call at 1-866-464-2050. You are able to track any current return or a filing from up to three years in the past. Both English and Spanish are spoken.

Using the Online Function

You will need your taxpayer ID number (normally your Social Security number). Also, your ZIP code and date of birth are necessary. You can select to check the status of multiple years if more than one amendment has taken place.