Obtaining a Copy of your Federal Tax Return

There are many occasions when you need a copy of your filed tax return, for example, when applying for a loan, or taking out a mortgage on a property. If the IRS make any inquiries you will also need this information to hand. If you cannot find the return in question, you can ask the IRS to send you a copy (or transcript) of the relevant information.
Here’s how it works –

1) Transcripts contain all the relevant data you need and can be obtained free of charge. You can request a transcript for the current year, or for any timeframe up to and including the last three years.

2) Your tax account transcript details any modifications made by either yourself or the Inland Revenue Service (IRS). This transcript relates to changes made after the tax return was filed, including your adjusted gross income, the type of return, and whether or not you are single or married ec.

3) The transcript provides information on the majority of line items included in the tax return you filed initially, along with any attached forms and paperwork you supplied. It does not show any alterations that were made after the original filing of the return.

4) Form 4506T-EZ is needed if you wish to file for a 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ tax return transcript as an individual filer. Businesses should use Form 4506-T for these transcripts.

5) You can order your tax return transcripts via the internet, by snail mail or by telephone. The website for online orders is IRS.gov . For telephone orders you need to contact 800-908-9946.

6) The quickest option is to place an order through the internet or on the phone, this will take between 5-10 working days for you to get your transcript. If you are placing an order by mail this can take up to a month of processing time.

7) Full copies of your filed tax returns from the past six years can be obtained if required, although these cost $57 per year and can take up to sixty days to arrive. To request a copy of your tax return you need to fill out Form 4506 and follow the instructions provided.

8) If you reside in an official disaster zone, the Inland Revenue Service may be able to send the copy of your tax return free of charge. Check out the IRS.gov website and look for the Disaster Relief button at the bottom of the screen. You can also find Forms 4506, 4506-T and 4506T-EZ on this site or by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).