A Warning to All Americans Living Abroad


There has been a new law enacted by the IRS that is putting a heavy burden on American’s living abroad. If you are an American living abroad, whether you are a citizen or a green card holder, you are to file your tax form on April 15th. A new IRS ruling results from a FATCA law that also require you to use Form 8938, where you will list down all your foreign stocks, bonds, bank deposits, and … [Read more...]

Filing Taxes as an American Expatriate in Japan


Living and working in Japan—how will this affect your taxes? All American expats must file expatriation taxes for the United States, regardless of the country where they are living. In particular, Japan is a popular destination for Americans looking for international financial success and a wealth of cultural experiences. If you’re living in Japan, there will be special situations that … [Read more...]

Basic Tax Guide for Green Card Holders


If you have a Green Card, then you are legally considered a permanent resident of the United States even if you live in a different country. Because of this you are responsible for paying US income tax, no matter where you earned the income. As a green card holder, it is a requirement that you file a United States tax return unless you meet one of the following conditions. You no longer have … [Read more...]